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We Are on a Mission

Telling a good story is difficult. Telling a good story during your sales meeting is even harder.

Meetings are the number one tool in most sales processes, but they often don’t get the credit they deserve. Shaman wants to change that. We turn your meeting into a structured process. We give you the tools you need to create repeatable sales-meeting success. Because anyone can be a rainmaker.

Our Vision

Every customer deserves a personalized and engaged sales conversation.

Our Mission

Help sales and marketing teams to engage every client.

Anyone Can Be a Rainmaker

It Started with This Problem

Getting lost in your own story. Not engaging. Not client focused. Little results.


A great presentation deck and a great meeting are not the same. Why? A presentation is linear, and a meeting is not. Every client and every meeting is different.

This is an issue we found with many of our clients that sought our help to improve their meeting conversations. Based on our interviews, analysis and content reviews, we developed the Meeting Canvas©. On paper at least.

When we could not find any existing solution to support this Canvas in real meetings, we decided to develop this tool ourselves. Shaman was born.

Meeting canvas

Management Team

Maurice van Leeuwen

Maurice van Leeuwen

Product Lead

Erik de Rooij

Commercial Lead


Oleksandr Knyga

Web Development Lead

Shawn Frank

Shawn Frank

iOS Lead

Rob Delfos

Rob Delfos

Financial Services Expert

Jacco van Lith

Jacco van Lith

Online Marketing Lead

Why the name Shaman?

We get this question a lot: Where does the name Shaman come from? As you might know, the Shaman is the chief rainmaker. The guy that can actually make it rain. How he does it exactly is not entirely known. There is a bit of magic involved. And we feel that with his help, anyone can be a Rainmaker.

Rainmaker. [Noun]. Slang.
an executive or lawyer with exceptional ability to attract clients and close deals.

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