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5 02, 2016

Sales Enablement is Vital for a Successful Organization

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The success of a B2B marketer depends largely on the ability to help the sales team in their sales pitches. Passing on the right target group and product knowledge and provide relevant marketing content is of great importance. With Sales Enablement you support the sales team directly with content and structure.

21 01, 2016

Improve Sales Effectiveness by Closing the Loop

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Get Started With Closed Loop Marketing in 4 Easy Steps The gap between sales and marketing Marketing teams love to collect, analyse and dissect data. They love interacting with it, and using advanced marketing terms to describe it. On the other side, sales teams love one thing; closing winning deals.

14 01, 2016

From Sales Enablement To Sales Empowerment

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Sales Enablement Sales Enablement is a recent buzzword that has been going around. Most businesses are not completely clear on what it means. We will tell you what it is, and how you can use it to maximize your sales. Definition Sales Enablement: Enabling sales and marketing teams to work together to have much more impact