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15 06, 2016
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How does Shaman Help your Marketing Team?

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With Shaman, marketing teams get a bigger impact on the sales meeting. To them, the sales meeting is one of the most important marketing tools. We asked some of the marketing- and productmanagers working with Shaman to tell us about the benefits they experience every day. 1. MORE EXPOSURE, BIGGER IMPACT Better and more intensive

1 06, 2016
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The Shaman Meeting Canvas

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You bring your presentation materials to every meeting. These materials are linear, rigid and make it hard to adjust your meeting to the unpredictability of the conversation. A meeting should be a dialogue: walking through your presentation from end to end does not cut it anymore. The Shaman meeting canvas changes that. With the Shaman

25 05, 2016
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Structure your meeting reports

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At the end of each meeting comes a time for self reflection. How did you progress today? Which arguments resonated with the prospect? What were you not clear enough about? Were there any questions you didn’t have an answer to? The meeting abstract is an important step to ensure future meeting success. Thus, structuring

11 05, 2016
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How do you Upgrade Your Sales Meeting?

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Telling a good story is difficult. Telling a good story during a sales meeting is even harder. At Shaman, we know there’s more to gain from the sales conversation. We want to do so by bringing together the different elements of the meeting. Marketing collateral, CRM, sales method and meeting flow all come together in