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How Sales Enablement makes your sales organisation agile

‘Agile’ – a term from the IT community- has gone mainstream. The principle is being applied broadly in the business world and to organisations. The agile organisation, ‘the resilient organization’, is an organisation that is quick in responding to changes in its environment.

An agile sales organisation is able to quickly adapt when market circumstances change and competitive threats like new competitors arise. Also, it helps to facilitate an efficient introduction of a new product and implement internal changes like the need to grow or change the size of their sales team.

In short, the agile sales organisation has the potential to solve many challenges for the 21st Century.

Ask yourself these questions and think for a few minutes on how agile your organisation is at this moment:

  1. Constant Learning: Do you have formalized feedback loops in place and is marketing material and sales messaging optimized every few months?
  2. Focus on Knowledge Creation: do you have a structured process in place to collect data, do regular analysis and speak a common language between teams?
  3. Collaborative culture: Do marketing and sales spend enough time to share knowledge and discuss findings? Do they have a shared dashboard in place?
  4. Decision making: Is everybody involved in the decision making process, albeit on different levels so that everybody feels responsible and accountable?
  5. Flexibility: Do individuals have enough freedom to act? Does the culture promote curiosity and stimulate new, out-of-the-box ideas?

Now you have an idea of where you are at the moment.

But how do you increase agility in your sales organisation? Meet the Sixth characteristic of an agile sales organisation: Sales Enablement!

What is Sales Enablement, and how does it help?

Sales enablement is an ongoing process to optimize the sales cycle, by ‘digitizing’ sales conversations and facilitate marketing and sales to work closely together. (See ‘Sales Enablement is Vital for a Successful Organization‘)

Sales enablement is indispensable to structuring your sales process. From making and distributing of marketing material to presenting,  and from analysing the sales meeting to improving marketing materials, sales enablement helps.

Sales Enablement is the way to go for companies that are eager to become agile

As you can see, sales enablement is vital for any company that wants to be more agile. Agile organisations have a lot in common: both focus on constant learning, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and they pair structure with flexibility.

This is why Sales Enablement is used by the most agile companies. The companies that manage to adapt to changing market conditions. The ones that can adapt to new competitors.

Can you see how your company would benefit from becoming more agile?
You should learn more about sales enablement.

How can you get started with Sales Enablement?
Visit the link above to download a free guide on implementing sales enablement.You will learn to start using Sales Enablement in only 4 Steps, how you can get started quickly with it, and how to make sure your team loves working with it!

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