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How to Make Your Sales Training Stick

For most sales teams, the cost of training is the number one expense (via Baker). Selling is a structured process. Sales training helps salespeople understand customer needs and frame their product as the solution to the customer’s problem.

There are numerous great sales methods out there that can be at the basis of this training, such as consultative selling, solution selling and spin selling.

As a rule of thumb, companies invest between 3-6% of sales payroll on additional sales training (which is about $30-60k for a team of 10 people). Training is largely regarded as one of the most important tools to improve sales.

However, research from Sales Performance International shows that on average 50% of the content of a sales training event is forgotten in 5 weeks. On average, 84% of sales training content is lost after 90 days.

This is a huge waste of money and effort. Why?

The most impactful training efforts need to change the behavior of those learning. To influence and change behavior however takes a lot of time and multiple interventions. This is especially true in sales. New behavior can lead to unexpected and unpredictable situations, which is what salespeople want to avoid in high stake sales meetings.

In order to change behavior, it is paramount to ‘embed’ the desired behavior into daily life. In this case, it needs to be embedded into sales meetings. There are four stages of learning; from conscious learning to unconscious competence. You want salespeople to be unconsciously competent in the new approach. They shouldn’t have to think about it.

Here is the good news: A simple way to embed desired behavior into sales meetings – Add it to your sales presentation! Simply put: you want to adapt the structure of the presentation to the method you are trying to implement.

Most sales methods dictate a specific way to structure a sales meeting, and to follow several subsequent steps. You can simply add that structure and steps to your sales presentation material. You also can add the business questions of a sales method, which help you define the problem or segment the prospect to your presentation. And help with routing, as the outcome of those answers determine further routing in your sales meeting.

How does Shaman help you with this?

  1. You can add advanced structure with in-depth information and a main storyline
  2. You can add different routes. When you ask questions, Shaman lets you change the route of your presentation. This lets you target the prospect better.
  3. Add segmentation questions and save the answers.
  4. You can have detailed meeting statistics and analyse the effectiveness of every single step of your sales approach.
  5. Improve your sales materials by seeing which slides are most often viewed, which slides clients spend the most time on, and other valuable data.

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As the Product Lead at Shaman, Maurice writes blogs that can help you to improve your sales and marketing strategies. You know what else could really boost your strategy? A tool like Shaman!

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