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Increase effectiveness of your sales meeting

In our previous blog post we already adressed the importance of sales meetings. The sales meeting still is the number one tool of the sales process. But, and this might be less known, sales meetings often are not effective.

The American Forrester Research Institute researched meeting effectiveness and found out that a whopping 86% of prospects did not get relevant information during a sales meetings. More important, 93% of these meetings did not result in a follow-up. So our number one tool seems to be wildly ineffective. How is that possible?

There are two answers to that question: content and structure. A well-structured meeting with a clear, impressive message sticks, and sparks their interest. It’s important to start from the bottom: your message.

A well-structured meeting with a clear, impressive message sticks, and sparks interest

This is where sales enablement comes in. Because how do you measure what message has the most effect? By using input from every meeting. With sales enablement software, like Shaman, you can see which slides of your presentation resonate, and which get the most views and/or interaction. That way, you constantly monitor and enhance the effect of your massage.

To pass this message on to your prospect in a succesfull way, you need to structurize it. Most presentations have an end-to-end structure, because that is how powerpoint works. That structure is inflexible and leaves no room for improvisation. But your meeting needs to be adjusted to the prospect’s interest! Try to change this by adding structure to your story. Create main and sub storylines. So that your main message is clear, and you only need to dive deeper into a subject when your prospect is interested in it. The Meeting Canvas helps you add structure to any presentation.

Download your own blank Meeting Canvas and get started right away!