Let us help you make the most of your sales meeting

You need a great tool to organize your work. We give you that. What’s even more important is knowing how to use this tool correctly. We will love to help you get the most out of Shaman. You will be able to create a repeatable meeting success. A great presentation without a great story gets you nowhere. But, a great presentation with a great story changes the mindset of the prospect.

At Shaman, we look ahead

Not only does Shaman help you enhance your presentations, it also gives you a new approach on pitching. It will take you a while to adjust, but it will give you a ton of new opportunities you didn’t have access to before. We will love helping you implement it.

That’s why Shaman wants to change the way you work

Imagine a yearly improvement rate of 5% on the following subjects. How much time and energy would you be willing to invest in that? Shaman makes sales meeting optimization a piece of cake.

We will help you to:

  • Create impactful meetings with great storylines.
  • Make your meeting flow easily. Allow you to follow the structure while increasing the amount of interaction with the prospect.
  • Implement your sales method. There’s nothing old fashioned about it, so why would you use old fashioned tools for your presentations?
  • Visual impact. When your sales meetings look amazing, they have a much greater impact.
  • Follow up with your marketing. Aligning your sales and marketing will elevate your sales.

Here’s how Shaman optimizes your sales meetings

Shaman works with a broad network of specialists with knowledge of all of these subjects.


In this workshop, we discuss your current workflow with your sales and marketing team. Are there any quick wins in meeting flow and marketing collateral that you can implement? We take a new look at how your team works.


After several meetings with our designers and a creative session, we will set you up with a framework for your meeting flow and interactions. We will take your sales method into account and implement it into the framework.


Get a better understanding of your key messaging points. Among other things, we help you navigate your workshop, hold a creative brainstorming session, and an in-depth workshop to help you determine your key messaging points.


Together with you, we take a look at your current slide deck. What are your strengths, and what should you change? We create a design template that you can use repeatedly, but we can also produce personal slide decks for a fixed price per slide. This way, you can visualize your story in an impactful way.


You know all about sales meetings. Do you know how you can improve your meetings with Shaman? In a playful setting, we show Sales Managers what Shaman is and how they can use the Shaman Meeting Canvas to improve their sales meetings.


Do you want more information about how Shaman helps you optimize your meetings? Do you want to know more about our workshops and services?

Call +31 (0) 23 890 2510 or send us an email at maurice@getshaman.com

About the Author:

As the Product Lead at Shaman, Maurice writes blogs that can help you to improve your sales and marketing strategies. You know what else could really boost your strategy? A tool like Shaman!

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