• zet de sales meeting op de kaart van marketing

Make your sales meeting matter to the marketing team

We’ve seen it for ourselves: the sales meeting is the most important tool in the sales process. Still, the face to face sales meeting doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from marketing.

For example: a marketeer came to us and told us his main goal is expending the share-of-wallet. A goal that can easily be achieved with a succesful sales meeting, but he admitted not spending too much time and budget on these meetings.

Why is the number one sales instrument that invisble to marketing? Because the sales meeting is hard to track. There is no insight in the effectiveness of the meeting and the usage of marketing material, and information added to the CRM is insufficient or not added at all. So, the sales meeting divides sales and marketing. But companies that have their sales and marketing teams aligned, report higher annual revenue!

Imagine you have 15 fellow salesmen, going to 3-4 meetings a day. That adds up to 12.000 sales meetings a year. That is over 6.000 hours of influencing! That is probably a lot more impact than all of the other marketing sources have put together.

But how do you pitch this problem to marketing? Make sure you’re on their level and compare your sales meeting to a media channell. After all, your sales meeting has the least amount of waste, full attention of the crowd (that doesn’t change channels or poors themselves a drink!), and calls for an immediate call to action. Perhaps, these marketing terms can help you convince them?

  • Total time: the number of hours per year
  • Targeting: very focused
  • Level of attention: highest, immersive
  • Engagement: highest
  • Level of trust: highest
  • Stickiness of the message: high
  • Call-to-action: get personal commitment

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