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Not Getting All You Want From E-detailing? Take These Steps.

A lot of companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, use e-detailing more and more frequently as an addition to building relationships with their clients. But did you know that almost none of them are doing it the right way?

Sure, e-detailing has many advantages. But for an e-detailing strategy to be fruitful, there are a few steps sales organisations need to take. We asked a few companies about this, and we found the most important steps for e-detailing. And yes, believe us when we say your company makes (at least) two of these mistakes.

Where does it go wrong?

Let’s start of by the main reasons e-detailing dails. You will see how to solve these problems a little further down…

  • Use of faulty technology
  • Prospects don’t show up (when you’re putting time and effort into finding prospects, you definitely want them to see what you have to show)
  • Most of what you tell them they already know
  • You have no clue of what the prospect wants to hear
  • Prospects loose attention quickly during the web meeting
  • Your clients have technical difficulties to connect or cannot install a required plugin
  • You have no follow-up plan


How you’ll be the one to solve every single problem

Okay, we started off by saying that we found some steps for effective e-detailing. Then we told you what problems you had, so now it’s time to cut to the chase. What is the best way to start e-detailing? Here’s a step by step plan:

Get the right tool. Yeah, this could be Shaman, but it could also be another great e-detailing tool. The most important factor is that is suits your prospects. If your prospects work in a hospital with older computers, get a tool that’s backward compatible. If they cannot install a plugin due to company security settings, choose a solution that does not require installment of a plugin or external software. If you’re doing more than 3 appointments a day, get a tool that’s hassle-free.

Get your story straight. Make sure you can boil down your key message to two sentences and be sure to repeat that message frequently. Start off with it right away, so you frame your meeting and be clear of what people can expect.

Have a well structured story. Make sure your content is structured well. Clarity and structure are so much more important than in face to face meetings.

Make sure you have all information at hand. As web meetings tend to have a very rational tone, you should spend the first few minutes to find out the interest of your prospect and then dive in relevant aspects of your story as soon as possible to keep interest and attention. Every prospect is different. Yes, your story might be great, but can you convey that in five minutes?

How does it relate to your face-to-face meetings? Make sure what kind of conversations and information are optimal for web meetings, and which ones are more effective in a face-to-face setting. Spend some time to make the business case for e-detailing. See this post for some inspiration.

Follow-up is key. As they did not see you, they have to recognize you by something else than your pretty face. A witty and most importantly memorable follow-up will do wonders when it comes to your next steps. Be sure to ask commitment for next steps during the meeting, so tie it in story line and spend enough time to summarize the meeting and repeat your next steps.

Involve marketing. Let your marketing team know what’s going on. If they’re just sending prospects to the sales managers without knowing how they turned out, they won’t improve. And a great messaging supported by strong visuals are key to succesfull e-detailing. So align your marketing and sales teams for the best results of their efforts.

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