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How To Prepare Your Sales Team for a New Product Launch

We all know most new products fail. Sales enablement counters a few reasons that products launches dissapoint. These are numerous, but some factors are more predominant than others.  

  • Sales teams have difficulties incorporating new information for the sales pitch.
  • The sales presentation is unresponsive to competitor benefits
  • Product marketing materials develop in isolation  
  • Linear presentations are too inflexible for new pitches

A concept that “choreographs” outreach efforts, sales enablement plans synchronize with the product roadmap’s timeline. If that timeline is sequential or iterative (Agile) is up to you, but flexibility is vital in today’s bandwidth-propelled markets. From customizability to analytics, here are five prime benefits to using sales enablement when launching a new product.

1.Use Various Storylines, Collect Opinions

Narrative is integral for successful meetings and demos. So why limit yourself to one? In addition to offering variety, experimenting with narrative can help call attention to incongruencies or other details. Simply put, we never know upfront which narrative works best for a new product.  Cohesion is integral for collecting opinions and suggestions. Offering a total platform for reviewing materials, Shaman offers new dynamism for both generating and sharing each sales presentation. Users can easily access all supporting materials, navigate between them efficiently, and monitor progress.

2.Have Flexible Structure to Add Unique Value

Your clients or customers are never all the same, and neither should your sales pitch. Realistically speaking, however, creating a new sales presentation each time is time consuming and expensive. Flexibility, therefore, is essential to offer a customizable experience for each client. The real world is never rigid. Each day has its innovations, challenges, and opportunities. Shaman’s dynamic meeting canvas provides a cohesive solution for addressing, or netting, these new developments. Presenters can easily manage a vast story web of slides for ultimate responsiveness to client concerns and incentives.     

3.Find the Problem to Create Solutions

Generating Keeping grounded means focusing on facets within the sales narrative. One of the most prominent are problems, both for the client and your teams. Shaman meeting canvas allows you to create numerous stories. This allows teams to start at the problem and build multiple storylines for each solution. Shaman excels at specifying solutions to your clients’ problems. Compare results, review storylines, and generate solutions that ensure your sales presentation is watertight.

4.Test Different Methods and Ideas

Our gut instincts can only take us so far. Analytics let us see what works and what does not. Plenty of methods exist for tallying performance, but near all rely on perspective. As concept marketers are well aware, however, perspective will always be human and prone to error. Along with enabling teams to generate flexible stories, Shaman’s platform also enables marketers to gauge raw effectiveness. See which slides, arguments, and vignettes pull the most weight with clients. Segmenting performance, A/B tests, and other analytics are far more convenient and less time consuming, boosting productivity.

5.Closely Align Marketing and Sales

Cohesion matters a great deal in today’s market. Marketing and sales often have a literal wall blocking communication. This lack of cohesion typically divides theory from practice. Product marketing teams need to keep informed of the effectiveness of their materials. Sales teams, meanwhile, must familiarize themselves with said materials. Access, though, is often a hurdle unto itself. With Shaman materials are always available, enabling sales to keep informed and involved in content generation.  Marketers, meanwhile,can review meeting analytics that highlight the effectiveness of positioning and arguments. A huge benefit is that content generation happens simultaneously with real time feedback.

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As the Product Lead at Shaman, Maurice writes blogs that can help you to improve your sales and marketing strategies. You know what else could really boost your strategy? A tool like Shaman!

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