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Why Storytelling and E-Detailing Work Well Together When Promoting Your Brand

On their own, storytelling and e-detailing are both powerful components in the pharmaceutical industry. However, if you manage to put them together, you will see your pharmaceutical sales soar. With the right e-detailing software and storytelling skills at your disposal, your sales reps will have all of the tools they need to boost their sales. Let’s take a closer look at how these two work together.

Easier Delivery with E-Detailing

If you have much experience in pharmaceutical sales, you likely know many of the benefits of storytelling. You know that storytelling makes a brand more memorable, and it can positively influence your customers in an authentic way. When you tell stories, you can also increase your brand’s visibly. You might not be able to measure this with KPIs, but there is no doubt that storytelling has a huge impact on your brand and your sales.

However, storytelling can also hurt your brand. If your sales reps deliver your story the wrong way, they might bore their audience or send out a message that actually damages your brand’s reputation. That can make it hard to close deals.

Fortunately, you can avoid this from happening by combining your storytelling efforts with e-detailing. This is where the e-detailing benefits really stand out. You can go over your message with the sales team and then send it out via the e-detailing software. This gives you a lot more control over what your sales reps say. You don’t have to worry about them framing the story in the wrong way when you use e-detailing software.

Crafting the Perfect Story

To take that point even further, you can use e-detailing tools to craft the perfect story and then have each rep use it. You can continue to tweak the story over time until it gets the desired results.

Plus, unlike a one-on-one sales call, you can use visualization with an e-detailing iPad presentation. This improves conversions by helping the audience resonate with the story. People are often visual learners, so when they can see your story in front of them, they are more likely to absorb what your reps are saying. In fact, if you use this type of remote detailing for your pharma sales calls, you should be able to improve your conversion rates month after month and year after year. Just look at your statistics, make changes, and continue to improve your story.

Additional Benefits of E-Detailing

E-detailing does more than help your pharma reps drive home your brand’s story. It comes with a wealth of other benefits. These additional benefits can help your brand and your reps become more successful.

For instance, with e-detailing, your reps no longer have to drive to clients to make their pitches. Driving is a time-consuming process, and it cuts down on the number of meetings they can take each day. When they can take more meetings, they can make more money.

Statistics are also more readily available with e-detailing. Reps just need to open up the e-dealing software on their computers or iPads to look at the stats for sales meetings. This is much easier than gathering stats up from one-on-one meetings.

The software also provides constant access to presentation materials. That means your reps are always ready to send materials out to interested clients.

The abundance of options is also a huge benefit. From the multiple storylines to the visualization aids, your reps will have more options than ever before.

Cost of E-Detailing Software

E-detailing software might sound amazing, but the cost might scare you off. In reality, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Shaman offers a software solution that resembles a plug-and-play solution. You just have to upload your presentation using this software, and then you send it out using your iPad or another network-connected device. You can use this simple solution for a low monthly fee. The fee is per user, so if you have a small operation, you’ll spend less than a large corporation would. This evens the playing field and gives everyone a chance to benefit from e-detailing.

If you’ve ever seen an example of e-detailing, you know it works. When you send e-detailing to doctors, you get their undivided attention and better conversion rates. Start by getting the software. Then fine-tune your story and watch your conversion rates go up. This is the key to finally closing the deal with doctors.


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