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Structure your meeting reports

At the end of each meeting comes a time for self reflection. How did you progress today? Which arguments resonated with the prospect? What were you not clear enough about? Were there any questions you didn’t have an answer to? The meeting abstract is an important step to ensure future meeting success. Thus, structuring your answers to these questions is of very high priority.

Clear insight into every meeting

That’s what Shaman does best. Answer the most important feedback questions after every meeting with The Meeting Snapshot. This way you can add structure and create a database to easily compare account managers. You’re probably wondering by now which questions you need to answer. We teamed with a large number of sales experts to create a list of the most essential questions. This way you can create your meeting reports efficiently and consistently.

Fully customized

Tailor the questions to your specific needs using the Meeting Snapshot. Edit Questions, change the number of questions, and choose which fields are required.This way, the meeting report is tailored to your sales method. Help out the account manager by adding multiple choice answers to your questions. Use Meeting Snapshot to instantly add possible follow-up, available marketing material and possible obstacles. Use Shaman Cloud for easy editing of material . Enable account managers to create a quick meeting report while getting clear statistical insights at the same time.

Continuous new insights

By using the same questions and answer values in Meeting Snapshots, you create consistency. This consistency makes it easy to rate gathered information and see statistical patterns. Gain immediate insight into all obstacles, and in every phase of the sales cycle.

CRM & Shaman: 1+1=3

Updating and keeping your CRM updated is an issue that never seems to end for most companies. Meeting info is incompletely added, or not added at all. Sometimes the CRM is updated every so often, but the added information doesn’t have enough value. Easily fix these problems with the Meeting Snapshot. Meeting information is added directly after the meeting, and sent directly to your CRM with the Shaman App*. Notes you took during the meeting will automatically be added to the snapshot. This way, Meeting Snapshot gathers only the most important feedback. You can maintain high meeting report quality by automatically processing your report with standardized questions and clear answers. Add missing or forgotten information afterward. Directly updates with your CRM.

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As the Product Lead at Shaman, Maurice writes blogs that can help you to improve your sales and marketing strategies. You know what else could really boost your strategy? A tool like Shaman!

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