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The 5 advantages for e-detailing in pharma

Why e-detailing plays a central part in sales.

When E-detailing and digital presentations made their appearance in the pharmaceutical sector, everyone had no choice but to get used to it. Before that time, prescribers had only seen sales presentation aids on brochures and booklets.

In the beginning, it was difficult for the pharmaceutical field to start digitizing their sales conversations. However, only a short time later, the industry has embraced digital detailing and it became the foundation that sales pitches are created on. How was it embraced so quickly? Because it works!

E-detailing is quickly becoming the golden standard of presentations

Now the novelty of the digital presentation has worn off, we can focus again on the essence: the quality of content and knowledge of the pharma account manager. While innovation in e-detailing tools will become a “must-have” for the entire pharmaceutical industry, it won’t be just the technology to get the doctors’ attention. The industry needs to double down on the opportunity to use digital e-detailing to tell a better, more relevant story and to enter into a impactful dialogue with prescribers.

What do doctors think of E-detailing by account managers?

Presenting your sales pitch digitally has many benefits over traditional paper brochures. You can use technology to directly analyse which slides were well received, which were not, how long you spent on each slide, and other data. You can even perform studies on large groups of doctors with your sales materials. A poll conducted by OnMedica of over 500 physicians asked how they felt about e-detailing. Their research revealed that 79% of physicians prefer to receive product information digitally. Only 15% preferred receiving new information directly from the account manager. The study also showed that only 6% of physicians preferred medical sales pitches to be delivered on paper. (Pharma Times, 2014; www.pharmiweb.com).

5 Benefits of E-detailing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Accessible (approachable technology)
    • E-detailing makes content more accessible to the viewer. With your iPad, you have access to the information and arguments that you need at any given time. You can reach physicians working in remote locations instantly with a web meeting. A good e-detailing tool equals good software. It’s important that the software you use compliments your sales conversation, instead of hindering it. For example; a good tool would use a native iPad app, instead of requiring a special plug in for web meetings.
  2. Focus on conversation structure
    • No matter how long you’ve been working as an account manager, you will still find it difficult to keep a good structure in your sales pitch. Studies show that a lack of structure is the biggest culprit creating poor sales pitches. Account managers usually don’t have a lot of time for the meeting. E-detailing can help you create a solid structure, which enables you to quickly go on leads and opportunities you see during the meeting. Structure is much more important for web-meetings, as opposed to face-to-face conversations, due to the lack of human interaction. Structure in your sales conversation helps you advance the conversation with clear goals to be achieved.
  3. Promotes Interaction
    • By interacting with the client, you are better able to see where his sticking points are, allowing you to address them directly. The right e-detailing tool would support interaction. In web meetings, interaction is even more important, since you have much less nonverbal communication to work with. You need to work much harder to keep the physician focused on the presentation. Better interaction leads to better dialogue, allowing you to understand your prospect more effectively.
  4. Cost vs. e-detailing visits
    • With e-detailing, you can significantly reduce the amount of time that a sales conversation takes. By reducing the time it takes, you increase the capacity of each medical advisor or account manager. The doctor can arrange the calls so that they fit into their own schedule. This allows the manager to focus on the relationship between him and the doctor, and to focus on the discussion about the product.
  5. Directing and Integrated approach
    • E-detailing allows you to integrate different channels of pitching. Sales pitches are no longer a stand-alone event, they are now a vital part of the whole marketing-sales approach. Think about combining face-to-face meetings, web meetings, digital marketing campaigns, administrative follow-up, connecting to CRM and distribute marketing content.

How Shaman can help you with E-detailing

Shaman is an expert in the field of digital iPad presentations for pharma. Our software is ideal for structuring presentation storylines to increase their impact. You can use Shaman to hold your web meetings. This lets you have an integrated sales approach. The same marketing materials, the same structure, the same linkage with CRM and the same statistics can be used for all your sales calls, whether they are in person or in a web meeting. The Shaman e-detailing tool supports every step of the closed loop marketing process:

  1. The Meeting Canvas provides you with a clear structure for your sales pitch. It allows you to hold a dynamic conversation, as opposed to a boring monologue.
  2. The Shaman Software let’s you easily use e-detailing for your sales pitch to make it easy for the doctor. It automatically collects data from these interviews, providing insight into good and bad parts of your sales pitch, letting you optimize. your materials.
  3. After analyzing the sales call, Shaman can be used to easily update your materials, and get them ready for your next sales call.
  4. With the Shaman iPad app and the Shaman e-detailing tool, you can connect your online and offline sales calls.
  5. Collect customer information, and the date the presentation happened on the computer, letting you optimize profiles for targeted marketing campaigns.

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