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Engaged clients

Especially in web meetings, it is hard to engage your client. Shaman helps with pre-planned meeting guidance and offers the flexibility to go directly to the slides you need to keep listeners’ attention.

Increase conversion

Shaman offers central management for all the sales content (like slides, videos, and PDFs) that your sales team can use in both face-to-face and web meetings and then easily share after the meeting.

Less time, lower cost

Shaman Webmeeting is browser- based and very easy to use. Attendees do not need to install anything, and your sales rep can start a webmeeting in seconds.

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How Your Sales Team Will Win

Shaman Is the All-in-One Solution for Successful Sales Meetings.


With Shaman, your sales team has easy access to all your sales content. Our unique navigation makes it easy to structure a meeting, take the right steps during the meeting in time, add interaction, and have the content with the most impact at your fingertips, all without preparing in advance.


Shaman helps integrate sales meetings into your company. Marketing departments can easily manage their content and get meeting analytics to optimize their content. Sales teams can quickly assemble content to send to clients, create sales reports, and have access to everything discussed in that meeting.

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