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Shaman Supports Presenting on an iPad:

✓ Boost your sales meetings effectiveness

✓ Easily adjust to the prospects’ needs, in every meeting

✓ Central control and optimization over your content

✓ Measure Meeting Effectiveness

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Imagine going to your meeting with just a printed booklet. One for you, and one for your prospect. You imagine yourself saying “Please turn to page 12.” You see a big glaring error on the page while going over the material before the meeting. Unfortunately, even though you have half an hour, there is nothing you can do to correct it. You hope that the question on this page doesn’t get asked by the prospect.

During the meeting you flip through page after page. Since you didn’t want the booklet to be too big, you couldn’t fit every question you need into it. Flipping from one page to another isn’t very exciting for the prospect. Sometimes they skip over the correct page, and start reading the next one before you correct them. They lose focus, there is no clear storyline that you are following.

What if you had a device with you? With an iPad or a laptop, a lot of those problems are solved. Your prospect won’t have to flip through countless pages, you can control which slide he is on. You can also add every question.

However, even with a laptop or iPad, using PDF or PPT, it’s still not enough. When you bring a laptop with you, the sales meeting isn’t very personal. You will both be staring at the laptop screen the whole presentation. On an iPad, it’s a lot more personal, but with PDF or PPT you still don’t have any central management for content, or any detailed statistics into the presentation.

What’s the solution?

You don’t need to carry stacks of paper everywhere. Use your iPad for a personal presentation, and equip it with the best available tool.

That tool is called Shaman. Easily send your updated sales material to your sales team. They can directly view and present it on their iPads. With Shaman, your marketing team can directly update data on the iPad with the latest materials, structure, follow-up. The Shaman App  tracks all meeting analytics, such as which slides were used, how effective each slide was, and how long the sales rep spent on each slide.

Your presentation becomes a personal, lively experience for your prospects. Send them relevant slides immediately after the meeting to ensure maximal impact. Your client is happy with the experience, complimenting you on how organized your presentation was.

Make Your iPad Presentations Easy with Shaman

You know the struggle of using PDF or PPT for your sales presentations. There are no benefits. No version control. No interaction. No insight into meeting statistics. Fortunately, Shaman has all those benefits and more.

With Shaman, you gain better control over your content. You can present everything offline just as effectively, and still measure how and when each slide is being used.

With materials synchronized across all devices, there are no issues with different fonts, or videos not being accessible locally.

Your sales team can pick their own storyline to adapt to the prospect by choosing which slide should be shown in which order, but only the marketing team can change the content on the slides.


The Meeting Canvas creates structure and flexibility in your sales presentations. You can structure the storyline your sales reps take, while also allowing them to remain flexible, discuss extra details, provide more evidence, and generally adapt to the needs of the prospect. With Meeting Canvas, you will increase the consistency and quality of your meetings, as well as making them more impactful. When you present with Shaman on your iPad, your presentations will be much more impactful than they would without it.


Van Lanschot is a large Dutch private bank. They trust Shaman, using it to substitute individual PDF’s and PPT’s. Instead of having paper handouts, they efficiently send materials to the sales team iPads, to be more flexible, efficient and sustainable. Prospects react favorably to this new, innovative and client focused way to structure client meetings.

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A few of our happy clients:

deze partijen werken samen met shaman
Flexibility and convenience. That’s what makes Shaman unique to me.
We can make adjustments to core presentations quickly and with
version management we have more control. Additionally, we can
clearly monitor customer feedback. Having a flexible storyline
enables our product specialists to speak directly to the central
needs of our customers.
erik de rooij over shamanErik de Rooij, Sales Director, MedaPharma
Your conversations become more efective when you use the Shaman interactive canvas.

Our slide decks often consist of over a 100 slides. This makes it difficult to quickly address the client’s needs. The interactive canvas of Shaman proves to be the perfect solution for us.

kasper scholten over shamanKasper Scholten, head Fundsales, Delta Lloyd