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Manage and distribute content (ppt, pdf, video, images, weblinks)
One-push updates with user email notification
Content library for efficient updating multiple presentations
Smart update powerpoint
Meeting Canvas
Links for navigation and dialogue
Share content selection as online handout
Send selected PDF’s per email
Online handout password
Online handout version control
Integration with Single Sign On (additional cost)
Meeting and user statistics
Content Statistics, including Content heatmaps
Online handout statistics, including notification when viewed
Client feedback
Collect marketing information during meeting
Create follow-up tasks
Create quick meeting report (meeting snapshot)
Individual meeting pages with content flow
Add meeting report and tasks to CRM (
Individual usermanagement
Remote user access control
Online support, email onboarding (self service)
Personal support (response time) 8 hr 4 hr
Online training content owners 2 hr 8 hr 16 hr
Access to professional services (additional cost)
Meeting Canvas Workshop content owners (on site)
Personalised onboarding
Personalised webinar (2x per year)
Download, prepare, present and share selected content
Content offline accessible
Screen share all content (multiple iPads)
Annotation tool (also in screen share)
Quiz (teams play on multiple iPads) + €1.500 py + €1.500 py
Prepare, present and share selected content
Invite multiple viewers
In browser meeting, no plugin required

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