Engage everyone in the room.
On their own device.

Shaman Box lets you share all your sales content offline with your prospects, while you stay in control. No more staring at a projection or carrying piles of paper.

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Let’s Improve Your Meeting Results

We created a Meeting Canvas for client oriented selling. Now you can share it on any device.

Be Innovative

With Shaman Box you will wow your customers and really improve their meeting experience. You do not need paper booklets anymore, which saves time, cost and increases flexibility.

Be Engaging

Our interactive presentation grid provides 
a structured story line, and the flexibility to drill down and answer ad hoc questions. So you can engage with your clients, while maintaining control over the meeting.

Control your content

Shaman includes a content management system to easily manage, distribute and update all your sales content, like slides, video and documents.

Ready to wow your customers?

Simply put Shaman Box on the table. Let customers
connect with wifi, and you are ready to show all your
presentation content on their device.

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How it works

Select Content

Presentations are assembled 
in Shaman using existing slides, PDF’s and video’s. When ready, a presentation is published and sent to all subscribed users.


When the meeting starts, you connect the Shaman Box to create a wifi network for your customers to connect to.
hen your customer connects 
with his laptop, tablet of phone, you can share your presentation.


You use your content on the Meeting Canvas to present. With our canvas, you easily structure the meeting, stick to the main storylines and quickly go into details when needed. Go to navigation view without others noticing. After the meeting you can share the presented content by email.

Shaman Box Specifications


Weight: 200 grams


Chip Quad Core 1.2 Ghz
Wifi 2.4GHz 802.11n
Wifi range 6-8 meters
Power USB Port


26 Tips for Successful Remote e-Detailing.


How Your Salesteam Will Win

Shaman is the All-in-One Solution for Successfull Sales Meetings.


With Shaman, your sales team has easy access to all your sales content. Our unique navigation makes it easy to structure a meeting, take the right steps during the meeting in time, add interaction and have the content with most impact at your fingertips, without preparing in advance.


Sales teams can use content in Shaman both for remote web meetings and face-to-face, on their tablet or laptop. They can also email content to clients. Marketing can easily manage and update all content and get meeting analytics to optimize their content.


With Shaman, sales can quickly assemble content to send to clients, and quickly create a sales report based on everything discussed in that meeting.

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