The Shaman
advantage for
Life Sciences

Increase your effectiveness

From low-impact presenting to having a structured, engaging conversation

Would you like to increase the effectiveness of every call your team makes?

To get any message across in a call, your sales rep should first establish a relationship with the health professional. This requires a two-way conversation, centred around the needs of the physician. Shaman helps to guide this dialogue, from asking the right questions that lead to the right content, to saving the answers to target the customer along the process. Your sales reps can engage during the conversation and visualize your message at the same time, turning every call into an effective meeting.

Increase sales performance

Add sales methodology, improve consistency and measure usage

You can easily include parts of your sales methodology in Shaman, to make sure your sales training efforts have a maximum ROI. With this sales guidance, you have new reps or new products quickly up and running.

What do you need to report every month to headquarters? With Shaman, you can improve the input for reporting, adding more insights than just coverage and frequency. You can easily report your methodology, usage of marketing materials, meeting time, presented slides, and other details that show the effectiveness of your marketing department and sales force.

Reach “hard to see” customers

Sales reps can use their same interactive detail aids for e-detailing

If you work in life sciences, this might sound familiar: “I only receive account managers once a year.” Customers in the health care branch are more and more difficult to reach with the “old” methodology. Give your colleagues the possibility to engage in different ways. Add interactive modern ways of communication to your set of tools.

Always Compliant

Easy version control of all content

How long does it take to replace a detail aid if you need to change a claim, adjust your SmPC, or add a reference to a graph? With Shaman, it’s one push of a button. After you have finished your internal compliance protocol (SOP), you can distribute the new materials in a blink. And you know for sure that everyone will always work with compliant sales content.

Be flexible

Save money and time by using Shaman

Shaman is very easy and user friendly. You don’t need an agency or consultant anymore to adjust your materials in your CRM or presentation tool. Shaman will save you thousands of euros and weeks of time that you can spend on improving your sales or developing your people.

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